Big List of Old Time Radio Detective Shows

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I get asked a lot about what shows we’re going to play as replacements in the lineup become necessary, so I decided to make a list of the shows I would like to do, the shows I’m not going to do, and those I’m not sure about. If there’s another detective show that’s not on the list, please leave it in the comments or call the show at 208-991-GR8D (4783).

The only shows that I will consider are American-made shows or shows made for American syndication that were produced before February 15, 1972, British shows produced before June 1957, or Australian programs produced before 1969 and not currently sold by Grace Gibson Syndication.

Currently Playing:

The Falcon (RSS) (Itunes)

Bulldog Drummond (RSS) (Itunes)

Broadway’s My Beat (RSS) (Itunes)

Mr. Chameleon (RSS) (Itunes) *

Yours Truly Johnny Dollar (RSS) (Itunes)

Dragnet (RSS) (Itunes)



Box 13 (RSS) (Itunes)

The Thin Man (RSS) (Itunes)

Adventures of the Abbotts (RSS) (Itunes)

I Deal in Crime (RSS) (Itunes)

Pat Novak for Hire (RSS) (Itunes)

Johnny Madero (RSS) (Itunes)*

San Francisco Final

Father Brown (RSS) (Itunes)

Nero Wolfe (RSS) (Itunes)

Rogue’s Gallery (RSS) (Itunes)

Candy Matson (RSS) (Itunes)

Christopher London (RSS) (Itunes)

Hercule Poirot (RSS) (Itunes)

Crime on the Waterfront (RSS) (Itunes)

Pete Kelly’s Blues (RSS) (Itunes)

The Adventures of Leonidas Witherall (RSS) (Itunes)

The Fat Man (US): (RSS) (Itunes)

Barrie Craig, Confidential Investigator (RSS) (Itunes)

Call the Police (RSS)

A Life in Your Hands: (RSS)

Cases of Mr. Ace (RSS)


The Adventures of Frank Race (RSS) (Itunes)

The Big Guy (RSS)

Sherlock Holmes (RSS) (Itunes)

The McCoy

Mr. Moto (RSS)

Dr. Tim Detective (RSS) (Itunes)*

A Johnny Fletcher Mystery

Amazing Mr. Malone (RSS) (Itunes)

The McCoy

The Line Up (RSS) (Itunes)

Police Blotter (RSS)

Here Comes McBride

Homicide O’Kane

Casebook of Gregory Hood (RSS)

Manhunt (RSS)

Police Headquarters (RSS)

Michael Shayne (RSS) (Itunes)

Crime and Peter Chambers (RSS) (Itunes)

The Man from Homicide (RSS)

The Saint (RSS) (Itunes)

Ellery Queen (RSS)

Hearthstone of the Death Squad (RSS) (Itunes)*

Tales of Fatima (RSS)

The Avenger (RSS)

Dyke Easter

Defense Attorney (RSS)

Mark Sabre (ABC Mystery Theater) (RSS)

The Private Files of Rex Saunders (RSS)

Hollywood Mystery Time (RSS)

Inspector Thorne (RSS) (Itunes)*

The Lone Wolf (RSS)

That Hammer Guy(RSS)

Bishop and the Gargoyle

Crime Correspodent

Follow that Man

The Judge

Night Beat (RSS) (Itunes)

Pursuit (RSS) (Itunes)

Richard Diamond (RSS) (Itunes)

Rocky Fortune (RSS)

Nick Carter (RSS) (ITunes)

Security Agent USA

That Strong Guy (RSS)

Stand by For Crime (RSS)

Listener’s Choice

Let George Do It (RSS) (Itunes)

Rocky Jordan (RSS) (Itunes)

Boston Blackie (RSS) (Itunes)

Raffles (RSS)

It’s a Crime, Mr. Collins  (RSS)

Roger Kilgore, Public Defender (RSS)

Air Mail Mystery (RSS)


Treasury Agent (RSS)

T-Man (RSS)

Dick Tracy (RSS) (Itunes)

O’Hara (RSS) (Itunes)

Indictment (RSS) (Itunes)

Under Arrest (RSS) (Itunes)

The Fat Man (AU): (RSS) (Itunes)

Mystery is My Hobby (RSS) (Itunes)

The Silent Men  (RSS) (Itunes)

Mister Keen Tracer of Lost Persons (RSS) (Itunes)*

Philip Marlowe (RSS) (Itunes)

Top Secrets of the FBI (Itunes)*

Billy Swift, Boy Detective (Itunes)*

Adventures of Bill Lance (RSS) (Itunes)*

Squad Room (RSS) (Itunes)*

Jeff Regan (RSS) (Itunes)

Casey, Crime Photographer  (RSS) (Itunes)

The Man Called X (RSS) (Itunes)


This is O’Shea (Itunes)*

I Hate Crime (AU) (RSS) (Itunes)

Sara’s Private Capers (Itunes)*

Meet Miss Sherlock (RSS) (Itunes)*

Michael Piper, Detective (RSS)

Sam Spade (RSS) (Itunes)

Philo Vance (RSS) (Itunes)

Tales of the Texas Rangers (RSS) (Itunes)

Crimefighters (Itunes)*

Dangerous Assignment (RSS) (iTunes)

*Indicates in group feed in Itunes.

Coming Later

Hot Copy (Season 16)
Operation Danger (Season 16)
Martin Kane (Season 16)
Matthew Slade (Season 16)
Charlie Chan (Season 16)
The Big Story (Season 16)
Results, Inc. (Season 17)
Police Reporter (Season 17)


Mr. and Mrs. North (Season 15)


To be Determined:
Ted Drake

Burton Trent


Adventures by Morse

Armstrong of the SBI

Amazing Mr. Tut

Blackstone, Magic Detective

Crime Doctor

Danger Dr. Danfield

Deadline Mystery

Detectives Black and Blue

Green Lama

I Love a Mystery

I Love Adventure

Jonathan Brixton (aka Attorney for the Defense.)

Misadventures of Si and Elmer

Mr. and Mrs. North (Briton and Denning version)

Narcotics Intelligence Bureau

United States Postal Inspector

A Voice in the Night

Wrong Genre:

Big Town

Cloak and Dagger

I Was a Communist for the FBI

The Shadow

Mr. District Attorney