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This CBS series began in 1949 featuring the adventures of Inspector Peter Black of Scotland Yard. The series attempted to leverage American’s love of British mysteries as well as the large number of British Expatriates in Hollywood at the time  in order to create a mystery series that would stand out for the large number that proliferated on radio during this era.

The series had four separate runs:  a 1949-50 season, a 1950 summer run, and a 1951 Summer run that would lead into a time slot in the 1951-52 radio season. Only a little more than a dozen episode survive from this well-written and well-acted series that is sadly underrated.

Radio Episode Log:

Ted De Corsia Episodes:

John Dehner Episodes:

Ben Wright Episodes:

End of log

Episode log source: Digital Deli FTP

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  1. John S.
    July 15, 2015 at 5:44 pm

    Are there other British detective radio shows in the style of “Pursuit”?

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