The Great Detectives of Old Time Radio is a growing podcast that attracts a well-educated audience that long for fantastic old-time radio stories. We average nearly a million downloads per month for all old-time radio programs and have been producing old time radio podcasts since 2007.

We have two primary options for advertising on our programs. Please note that all advertisers are subject to host approval and any ads that present a conflict of interest, conflict with my personal values, or do not feed the brand or style of the show will be rejected.

Note: That advertising is for people who want to advertise to grow their business. If you’d like to give to the show and be thanked for your support,. please review our listener support options.

Option 1: Episode Sponsorship

This option will cost $225 per episode for all programs other than Yours Truly Johnny Dollar, which will cost $275 per episode.

I will open the podcast with, “Welcome to the Great Detectives of Old Radio brought to you by [your business.] and will talk to listeners about your business or product and also thank you at the end of the podcast for sponsoring the program.  I’ll also include a link to your website and any promotional code in the podcast show note.


  1. Prominent mention on the podcast as well as our YouTube Channel.
  2. Included link to your website.
  3. Your ad is…forever. Our podcast episodes typically gather between more than 12,000-13,000 downloads in the first 30 days. Listeners download old episodes for years to come leading to thousands of additional downloads over the year.

Option 2: Dynamic Insertion

The podcast includes space for the insertion of several mid-roll, pre-roll, and post-roll ads. These are generally provided through an ad exchange. However, we will also sell dynamically inserted advertising directly to you. Your ad will be played on podcast episodes across our entire catalogue.

This will cost $10.00 CPM (Cost per Thousand Impressions) with a minimum order of 10,000 Impressions to insert a 30-second ad. If you’d like me to read the ad, there will be an additional $20.00 fee.


  1. Potentially less expensive than episode sponsorship.
  2. Allows Time-sensitive advertising. If you’re wanting to have a Christmas sale, having ads play in June, is less helpful.
  3. You can geotarget your advertising. More than 80% of our downloads our from the United States and around 10% come from Canada. with the U.K. and Australia also producing a significant number of downloads. You can choose to target your ad to any of these four countries if it makes sense for your business. Note: Campaigns for the U.S. or Canada only can be conducted over two weeks, but those focused on the U.K. or Australia must be done over a month.

Other Types of Ads:

We’re very unlikely to be interested in either affiliate advertising or feed drops. At this time. we’re uninterested in ads that are either exclusively affiliate-based or with a heavy affiliate element. (ex: A small base rate with a promise of additional payments based on sales.) When we do utilize affiliate programs, it’s based on what we think a wide percentage of our audience would be interested in, not on promises of specific payment.

While we would consider doing a “feed drop” for another podcast, we have high standards and respect our listener’s time and tastes. We would only consider feed drops of family-friendly episodes of the family-friendly podcast. It also should not be totally unrelated to  our podcast. We’d be most open to doing a feed drop to a family-friendly audio drama podcast or an entertaining history podcast. The cost of a feed drop episode would be substantial.

If you’re interested in running an ad campaign, please fill out the form here.

  2 comments for “Advertise”

  1. December 17, 2012 at 9:46 pm

    I’d like to advertise but I haven’t written the ad. I provide real estate appraisals on commercial properties. The service I imagine that would be most useful to OTR listeners would be my appraisal review services. For instance, in a divorce, one party may want existing appraisals on five industrial buildings reviewed to see if they are reliable or to see if they appear biased. Or in an estate, one heir may want the appraisals commissioned by another heir to be reviewed to see if the appraisals were reliable or biased.

  2. Jordi Hays
    August 7, 2018 at 4:54 am

    Hey there!

    I’m with a company called Ridge Wallet ( We’re huge fans of OTR Detective – The Great Detectives of Old Time Radio and would be interested in working with you if you think it’d make for a great partnership too.

    If you haven’t heard of Ridge Wallet here’s a little info:

    Ridge Wallet is a California based brand that designs and manufactures a slim wallet, designed for the front pocket that uses state of the art RFID blocking tech and elastic to offer the most compact, secure (and stylish) wallet on the market. The wallet is made of either titanium, aluminium, polycarbonate, and carbon fiber- with a money clip or cash strap option. The Ridge wallet is super light and made to fit perfectly in your pocket without being bulky or noticeable.

    When you can, please send over your sponsorship rates and we’ll try to make something happen. If you have any questions let me know!

    Jordi Hays
    Director of Partnerships – Ridge Wallet

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