The Great Detectives of Old Time Radio is a growing podcast that attracts a well-educated  audience that long for the fantastic detectives stories. We have an average of  more than 10,000 listeners per episode.

Our small business bumper ad advertising campaign is an affordable way for small and internet based businesses to reach this growing worldwide audience at an affordable price.

How Our Bumper Ads Work:

Each episode of the Great Detectives of Old Time Radio has an introduction, an old time radio detective program is played, and then commentary is offered. The bumper ads will air after the program and before the commentary and will have one of two formats:

Business Owner Read:

The bumper will have the host introduce him or herself, provide a web address and a sentence or two about their product/service and then end when them providing identification for the program:

(ex: “This is Kate McNeil of katescookies.cook. We offer the finest chocolate chip and peanut butter cookies you can order online. Ask about our seasonal specials. You’re listening to the Great Detectives of Old Time Radio.”)

In this scenario you’re responsible for recording the bumper. You may change your verbiage  pr re-record as often as you like.

Host Read:

In this scenario, I record the bumper in this format:

(ex: Our commentary today is brought to you by katescookies.cook. Check out their great chocolate chip or peanut butter cookies and be ask them about their seasonal specials. You’re listening to the Great Detectives of Old Time Radio.)

I will re-record or change verbiage once per month.

In either case, your bumper will air on four episodes per month with at least one episode being our most popular show Yours Truly Johnny Dollar. 

The cost will be $25 per month. For an initial order, it’s required that you sign up for two months but thereafter can pay for one month at a time. This rate is subject to change based on market conditions and response.

If you wish your ads to appear in a given month, you must express interest no later than the fifteenth of the prior month. (i.e. If you’d like your bumper in November shows, you must notify me by October 15th.) In order for your ad to air, all recording, uploading, and language for bumpers has to be submitted and agreed to and payment remitted no later than the 22nd. There are only three slots available and will be provided on a first come first serve basis. Businesses which the host would approve of will be notified if a spot comes available within the next six months.

Exclusions: Ads that will not be considered are those for tobacco products, pornography, financial services, or MLM (Multi-level marketing). The host also reserves the right to reject any campaign that’s not family friendly or which he believes unsuitable for the show or with which he’d rather not be associated

Payment accepted only through Paypal or Personal Money orders. No barter available.


If you’re interested in running an ad campaign, please fill out the form here.

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