Dangerous Assignment

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Dangerous Assignment was a spy mystery drama that followed the success of the Man Called X from 1944-48 and also preceded its 1950 revival. The series starred Hollywood veteran Brian Donlevy as Steve Mitchell, who works undercover for an unnamed intelligence bureau at the command of the Commissioner (played by Herb Butterfield).

The series began as a seven-episode summer replacement in 1949 but was not picked up for the fall schedule. However, it did come to the network in February 1950 and would remain for three years. There was also a television version of the series that was produced by Donlevy and syndicated mostly to NBC local affiliates.

Unlike the Man Called X, the series was light on sermonizing and was less direct about the Cold War. There was also a less direct focus on fighting Communism in the Cold War.

About the Star:

Brian Donlevy (1901-71): Donlevy began his career in New York in the 1920s as a model and silent film star before featuring in a string of Broadway hits. In 1935, he broke into Hollywood, starring in films such as The Great McGinty. In 1939, he netted an Academy Award nomination for best supporting actor for his performance as a villain in Beau Geste. He continued to appear in a variety of big Hollywood pictures throughout the 1940s. In the 1950s, he starred in the television version of Dangerous Assignment in addition to guest starring on a wide variety of television programs, and in 1960, he was awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for his work in television. He also starred in two film adaptations of the British Quatermass TV serials for Hammer Film Productions in the mid-1950s.




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