Casey, Crime Photographer

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The character of Jack “Flashgun” Casey was created by George Herman Coxe introduced in the pages of Black Mask Magazine in 1934. Casey solved crimes while working as a photographer for the Morning Express.

Casey had a long-lasting legacy over the next two decades. There were six separate Casey novels published including two that were adaptations of stories serialized in Black Mask. Two separate films were released in the 1930s, there was a Marvel comics tie-in in 1949, and a stage play. In addition, there was a 1951-52 TV series about Casey.

The best known version of Casey was the CBS radio series. The series aired for 8 1/2 years from 1943-50 and then from 1954-55. The series aired under several different names (Flash-Gun Casey (1943-44), Casey, Press Photographer (1944-45), Crime Photographer (1945-47, and 1954-55) and Casey, Crime Photographer (1947-50). Staats Cotsworth took over the role of Casey in the 12th episode and played the lead throughout all the rest of the show’s time on radio. Over the series, several different actresses played Casey’s partner, reporter Ann Williams: Jone Allison, Alice Reinhart, Betty Furness,  Lesley Woods, and Jan Miner.

Throughout the run, the Blue Note featured in each episode with John Gilbert playing the quirky bartender Ethelbert and featuring the music of Herman Chittison (through 1950).

About the Star:

Staats Cotsworth (1908-79): Cotsworth was a staple of the New York radio acting community, known as the busiest actor in radio. He starred in a wide variety of different programs including The Adventures of Mark Trail, Front Page Farrell, as well as numerous soap operas. Cotsworth was also a stage actor and a talented artist.





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