I Hate Crime

I Hate Crime was a 1949-59 Australian Detective series. The series followed the adventures of Larry Kent, an American reporter who decided to try his hand at being a hard-boiled private eye in Australia. The series was created by Ron Ingleby (who may have been born in America). I Hate Crime ran for 155 episodes over three years and starred Australian Ken Wayne.

Radio wouldn’t be the end of Kent. A series of 108 spin-off pulp novels were published in the 1950s and then in 1965 publishing began again with more than 300 Larry Kent stories being published.

About the Star

Ken Wayne (1925-93) was an Australian-born actor who made his film in 1949’s Sons of Matthew. Wayne auditioned for the radio series I Hate Crime hoping to play the program’s police foil. After the first choice for the lead failed to work out, Wayne auditioned for the part of Larry Kent and played him for all three seasons. The role of Larry Kent would be his defining career role. In 1959, he moved to the United Kingdom and spent thirteen years acting there, appearing in a wide variety of films and TV programs, including One Step Beyond, Dixon of Dock Green, and Coronation Street. He returned to Australia in 1972 and would spend the remainder of his career appearing on Australian TV. He also had a minor role as a bartender in the 1989 Punisher movie that was filmed in Australia.




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