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Nick Carter made his debut in 1886, the year before Sherlock Holmes came on the scene in London. That’s where the comparison ends.  None of Carter’s mysteries or adventures were in the ballpark of the greatest detective of them all, but what Carter didn’t have in quality, he made up for (as best he could) in quantity with hundreds of novels and short stories being written.

Scores of Carter’s books from his first 37 years are in the public domain.  The Nick Carter Collection from  Halycon Press for Kindle has one and only one virtue: you can find all the books therein  without having to search for them in online. Otherwise, most of these can easily be obtained off Project Gutenberg for free.

Nick Carter was a corporate property with multiple authors writing the stories and what exactly Nick’s adventures liked really seemed to depend on who was writing the story and probably the trends of the day.

The Nick Carter franchise would eventually be featured in Hollywood films in 1939-40, a 1960s film, a 1972 telefilm, and a series of 206 spy novels.

Nick Carter’s radio series was perhaps his best-known incarnation from 1943-55. It was a New York-based radio drama by the mutual network that managed to survive from 1943-55 as the radio detective genre went through a wide variety of phases from the romantic detectives to the hard boiled series to the realistic procedures.



Lon Clark (1912-98): Lon Clark was a veteran New York radio and stage actor. He was best known for his role in the Nick Carter programs from 1943-55. Outside of this, he appeared as a character actor with distinguished roles in radio programs such as Words at War and later programs such as The CBS Mystery Theatre and Theater Five.




Radio Episode Log: (Right-click to download)


Christmas Episode (played out of order):


Log courtesy of OTRSite.

*Played out of order.

**Episode announced with wrong date. Date in log reflects updated information.

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