Great Detective Series Archives

Completed Series:

Pat Novak: Meet Jack Webb’s original hard boiled private eye, Pat Novak who fires off some of the most amazing similes and one liners in Detective Fiction. (RSS) (Itunes)

Box 13: Dan Holiday needs some plot ideas for his novel, so he advertises for adventure-and gets it. (RSS)  (Itunes)

Jeff Regan: Jeff Regan is the lyon’s eye and gets paid $10 a day to risk his life for anyone who gives the Lyon a good check. (RSS)  (Itunes)

Father Brown: G.K. Chesterton’s priest sleuth solved mysteries over Mutual in the Summer of 1945.  (RSS) (Itunes)

Nero Wolfe: Corpulent genius Nero Wolfe solves cases by rarely leaving the house with the help of his faithful legman, Archie Goodwin.  (RSS) (Itunes)

The Thin Man: Nick and Nora Charles were the original romantic couple of mystery.  (RSS) (Itunes)

The Abbotts: Pat Abbott is a tough San Francisco Private eye whose loving and jelaous wife Jean helps him solve cases. (RSS) (Itunes)

Rogue’s Gallery:  In the original hard boiled eye radio show, Dick Powell plays the rogueish Richard Rogue in this pre-Richard Diamond series. Later incarnations featured Barry Sullivan and Paul Stewart.   (RSS) (Itunes)

Candy Matson: San Francisco’s original female private eye solves cases with the help of sidekick Rembrandt Watson. (RSS) (Itunes)

Hercule Poirot: Appearance by Agatha Christie’s detective with the little gray cells in his 1945 Old Time Radio series as well as appearances on the Mercury Radio Theater and Murder Clinic.  (RSS)  (Itunes)

Barrie Craig: Premiering during the decline of the golden age of radio, William Gargan portrayed easy going hard boiled private eye Barrie Craig. (RSS) (Itunes)

The Fat Man (US): J. Scott Smart plays Brad Runyon, a hard boiled private eye that weighs in at 240+ pounds and has a heart of gold. (RSS) (Itunes)

A Life in Your Hand: Jonathan Kegg serves as Amicus Curiae and pursues justice representing neither prosecution or defense. (RSS)

Let George Do It :  Bob Bailey’s first detective role was as private detective George Valentine who advertised to handle any problem too tough for you. (RSS) (Itunes)

The Adventures of Frank Race : Frank Race was a lawyer before the war, but after his time in the OSS became a freelance troubleshooter working in case of insurance and international intrigue. (RSS) (Itunes)

Sherlock Holmes:  Sherlock Holmes spent more than a decade on radio, adapting both the classic Holmes adventures as well as new stories.  We covered them all. (RSS) (Itunes)

Mr. Moto: In the 1950s, this Japanese-American secret agent fought communism and prejudice.   (RSS)

The Line Up: In this 1950-53 Police procedural, William Johnstone  plays Lieutenant Guthrie and investigates a variety of crimes in a “great American city.” (RSS) (Itunes)

Amazing Mr. Malone: These US and Australian stories feature John J Malone, an attorney  at law who is never heard appearing in court. (RSS) (Itunes)

Casebook of Gregory Hood: Art dealer Gregory Hood gets into all sorts of strange adventures and mysteries.(RSS) (Itunes)

Manhunt: Police criminologist Andrew Stevens solves tough cases in fifteen minutes or less. (RSS)

Police Headquarters: From 1932, one of the earliest police dramas. (RSS)

Pursuit: Inspector Peter Black of Scotland Yard pursues criminals in post-War England. (RSS)  (Itunes)

Crime and Peter Chambers: Harry Kane’s Private Eye comes to radio and solves crimes with the help of his friend on the force, Lieutenant Louie Parker. (RSS)

The Saint: The debonair Simon Templar solves crimes in New York City and around the world.  (RSS)

Ellery Queen: The son of Inspector Queen challenges you to solve the crime of the week before him. (RSS)

Michael Shayne (RSS): Michael Shayne solves cases in San Francisco, New Orleans, and Miami depending on which of his three radio series you listen to.

Philip Marlowe  (RSS) (Itunes): Raymond Chandler’s tough talking but compassionate PI features in one of the best-written radio dramas of all time.

Nick Carter (RSS)  (Itunes): Nick Carter is viewed as the greatest detective in the world and proves it while putting the lives of his assistants in peril every week.

The Avenger  (RSS): In this Shadow-inspired series, Jim Brandon solves crimes and uses his invisibility technology to give him an edge.

Private Files of Rex Saunders (RSS): A Rex Harrison vehicle featuring an amateur detective and his assistant Alex solving crimes and helping women in distress all around the world.

Completed Short Series

Johnny Madero: A 1947 clone of Pat Novak, starring Jack Webb, its archives are located on the Pat Novak page. (RSS)

San Francisco Final:  Reporter Mike Rivera investigates mass extortion in Chinatown. (One Episode Only)

I Deal in Crime: Before Barrie Craig and Martin Kane, William Gargan was hard boiled private eye Ross Dolan. (RSS) (Itunes)

Christopher London: This Glenn Ford vehicle features a globe-trotting private detective based in San Francisco. (RSS) (Itunes)

Crime on the Waterfront: Mike Wallace recorded two pilots for this proposed 1949 radio series starring him as Police Lieutenant Lou Kagle. (RSS) (Itunes)

Pete Kelly’s Blues: Jack Webb is hard boiled coronet player Pete Kelly, trying to survive during the roaring twenties.  (RSS) (Itunes)

Leonidas Witherall: Walter Hampden plays Shakespeare lookalike and amateur detective Leondias Witherall. (RSS) (Itunes)

Call the Police: Police Commissioner  Bill Grant solves mysterious crimes in this series that ran as a Summer Replacement over NBC.  (RSS) (Itunes)

Cases of Mr. Ace: Private Eye Eddie Ace relays his adventures to a psychologist for profit. (RSS)

Policewoman: Lt. Mary Sullivan was a pioneering female New York City police detective. This radio series told her story. (One Episode)

The McCoy: Howard Duff plays a private detective in this post-Spade drama. (One Episode)

Dr. Tim Detective: Dr. Tim solves mysteries while teaching kids  lessons in 1940s medical science. (RSS)

Mr. Chameleon : Mister Chameleon solves crimes with the aide of his silly accents.  (RSS)

Police Blotter:  Sergeant Sam Willoughby investigates a variety of crimes in this procedural. (RSS)

Here Comes McBride: Frank Lovejoy portrays Private Detective Rex McBride. (One Episode)

Homicide O’Kane: O’Kane solves crimes while mouthing off at his police superiors. (One Episode)

The Man from Homicide: Lt. Lou Dana has no time for niceties as he talks tough to everyone. You see he hates murder.  (RSS)

Dyke Easter: A typical hard boiled private eye.

A Johnny Fletcher Mystery : A wandering vagrant and his pal get into trouble and solves mysteries.

Hearthstone of the Death Squad: Inspector Hearthstone solves strange crimes in this Hummert Produced series. (RSS)

Crime Files of Flamond ):  A rare Chicago-based detective series features a psychologist that uses his knowledge of human behavior to solve mysteries. (RSS)

Tales of Fatima: Basil Rathbone plays the world’s greatest amateur detective…Basil Rathbone. (RSS)

Defense Attorney: Attorney Martha Ellis Bryant dedicates herself to defending the innocent. (RSS)

Mark Sabre (ABC Mystery Theater): Inspector Mark Sabre solves murders for the homicide squad. (RSS)

Audio Specials:

Call Northside 777: In our premiere episode, Jimmy Stewart gets us started off with a tale of a cynical journalist turned crusader trying to free a man wrongfully convicted of murder. Also, a long introduction to our show. Emphasis on long.

The Immortal Sherlock Holmes: We take a trip to the Mercury Theater where the great Orson Welles pays to tribute to the recently departed William Gillette and then presents a Mercury Theater presentation based on Gillette’s plays about the Master Detective.

The Maltese Falcon: It’s the original hard-boiled private eye novel that became a silver screen classic. In this 1943 episode of Screen Guild Theater, the original cast reunites. This episode was in of our 100th daily episode.

The One Way Ride to Nowhere: Alan Ladd, in an early radio role, plays a private detective from Chicago trying to solve a murder done on a roller coaster in California.

The Khandi Tooth Caper: In this made-for-radio sequel to the Maltese Falcon, Casper Guttman (Joseph Kearns) returns, but this time he’s seeking a piece of dental work.

Chicago Deadline:  A reporter (Alan Ladd) finds a woman dead of TB and is determined to find out why she died.  From the 1951 Season of Screen Director’s Playhouse.

The Man Who Was Thursday:  Orson Welles stars in G.K. Chesterton’s classic story of anarchists and spies in turn of the Century London.

The Mask of Demetrios:  A mystery writer (Peter Lorre) tries to unravel the truth about Demetrios, an international criminal of legendary proportion. In the course of this search, he garners the interest of another mystery man (Sidney Greenstreet).

DOA: An accountant (Edmond O’Brien) is poisoned and spends his last days trying to find the man who murdered him.

World War II Special:  This Suspense doublebill features two episodes of CBS’ signature anthology series. First, a reporter is summoned to a wax museum and finds a code that could spell trouble for a war plant in Great Britain.  Then, the great Lena Horne plays a talented singer who finds herself embroiled in intrigue in Brazil and employed by rough characters with hidden motives.

To the Ends of the Earth:  Narcotics Commissioner Michael Barrows (Dick Powell) witnesses a Japanese sea captain throwing 100 slaves overboard to cover up a narcotics ring. Barrows is determined to get justice and sets out on a globe trotting adventure to break the ring and capture the murderous captain.

Norman Corwin Special: On the passing of the Great Norman Corwin, we take a look at one of his series of 26 plays from the classic series, “26 by Corwin” featuring a murder mystery in a radio station with a rare radio appearance by Ruth Gordon.

A Scrap of Lace: Murder Clinic: A charming young woman is murdered and Madam Rosika Storey is called in to find out who did it and save a prominent family from scandal.

The Thirty-Nine Steps (Studio One): A Canadian (Glenn Ford) finds himself drawn into a world of mystery and intrigue when a beautiful woman stumbles into him at a theater and winds up dead in his apartment. He has to flee to the Scottish Countryside and uncover a plot that threatens British national security.

The Murder of Roger Akroyd: While trying to retire, Hercules Poirot investigates the murder of a rich man in the country.

The Tragedy at Marsden Manner:  Poirot is called upon by the insurance to investigate the apparent natural death of a wealthy man who just passed a physical for a life insurance policy for his young wife.

Screwball Division: The youngest and oldest detectives on the force turn to a drunk former detective to solve three murders that occurred at the same time.

Captain Carey USA: A former O.S.S. Officer (Charlton Heston) returns to Italy to locate the person who betrayed him and his compatriots to the Nazis.

The Quick One:With permission of Colonial Radio Theatre, we bring you one of their new Father Brown mysteries.  At a hotel, Father Brown (JT Turner) tries to find out who killed an outspoken local man in a hotel bar.

Deadline at Dawn: A couple has until dawn to find out who killed a rich socialite or one of them will have to answer to the police.

The Holloway Flat Tragedy: Max Carrados doesn’t buy an obvious explanation that a man was murdered by the boyfriend of his lover.

Protective Mimicry: In the 25th Century, a Treasury Agent seeks to find the truth behind the re-appearance of counterfeit currency.

Call Northside 777: A replay of Call Northside 777 episode from the first episode.

Death Blew out the Match: A woman visits a peaceful Maine town, only to find herself prime suspect in a rival’s murder.

The School for Men: A vacation police officer helps his brother (who is a police officer in another town) catch a serial killer using skills acquired in an FBI training school.

Homicide for Hannah: An unemployed man finds himself accused of murder and accompanied by a beautiful blonde detective who has an appetite for homicide.


Video Theater: (RSS) (Itunes)

The Bat: Old scary house. Check. Dangerous serial killer on the loose. Check. Vincent Price and Agnes Moorhead. Check. Grab some popcorn and watch.

Cases of Eddie Drake: Shoot the Works: Eddie is hired by a wealthy woman to recover a watch that could reveal an indiscretion. Along the way, Eddie runs into murder.

My Favorite Brunette:  Baby Photographer Ronnie Jackson (Bob Hope) dreams of being a private detective. He gets his chance when Detective Sam McCloud (Alan Ladd) steps out and a mysterious woman (Dorothy Lamour) comes into McCloud’s office looking for help against a gang of desperate criminals.

D.O.A.:  Frank Bigelow (Edmond O’Brien) is doomed to die after being poisoned. He’s determined to find out who killed him and why.

Murder with Pictures:  Intrigue abounds as ace newspaper photographer Kent Murdoch (Lew Ayers) finds himself up to his neck in intrigue trying to solve the murder of a mobster’s lawyer and he’s in love with the chief suspect (Gail Patrick).

Burke’s Law: Who Killed Jason Shaw?: A man is found dead, sitting in a running shower. Captain Amos Burke (Gene Barry) begins the case with no suspects and ends up with a colorful batch before it’s all said and done.

Behind Green Lights: A private detective is killed on the police department’s doorstep. Lt.  Sam Carson (William Gargan) faces political pressure to frame the daughter (Carole Landis) of a reform candidate for Mayor. Carson, however, is determined to find the truth.

General Electric Theater; Committed: An ad seeking adventure lands author Dan Holiday (Alan Ladd) in a sanitarium where everyone keeps calling him “Stokes.”

Nancy Drew, Reporter: Nancy Drew (Bonita Granville) tries to clear a woman accused of murder in her effort to win a prize for her efforts as a junior reporter.

The Devil’s Party: Five friends who grew up in Hell’s Kitchen have grown up to be two policemen, a gambling kingpin, a Catholic priest, and a lounge singer.  When two of the gambler’s men botch a collections job and leave behind a dead body right before the group’s annual reunion, their world is torn apart.

Midnight Manhunt: A female reporter (Ann Savage) finds the body of a long-believed dead infamous gangster in her building, she faces many challenges getting a scoop including an ex-beau Reporter (William Gargan), a punchy janitor (Leo Gorcey) and a desperate armed man (George Zucco.)

And Then There Were None: Ten people arrive at an island and are picked off one by one by a murderer exacting a perverse form of justice and the murderer is one of them.

Green Eyes: A mystery writer tries to solve the murder of a wealthy man who was killed in his mansion.

The Fat Man: Brad Runyon (played by J. Scott Smart) travels from New York to California to unravel the mystery of the death of a kindly dentist.

Court of Last Resort:

The Clarence Redding Case: The Court of Last Resort races against time to see if there’s any new evidence in the case of a man set to be executed in New England.


Stanglehold: Casey Jones (Beverly Garland) is called in to befriend a young woman when police suspect that her boyfriend is behind a strangulation.

I’m the Law:

The Cowboy and the Blind Man Story: Lt. George Kirby (George Raft) investigates the murder of a curly haired blackmailer.

Marin Kane

The District Attorney Killer: A murderer who  pledges to get even with the District Attorney kills him in open court and implicates his defense attorney as the one who provided the gun. Martin Kane goes to work

The Doctored Will: Martin Kane (William Gargan) investigates a whodunit with a fishy will.


Racket Squad:

The Christmas Caper: Captain Braddock of the Racket Squad tells how his duty demanded he arrest Santa Claus-an old man who had been taken in by a phony Santa racket.

Mr. Wong

Mr. Wong, Detective:  A partner in a chemical firm engages detective James Lee Wong (Boris Karloff) and ends up dead the next day

The Mystery of Mr. Wong:  A jewel collector is murdered in front of a crowded party which includes Mr. Wong (Boris Karloff). Who did it?

Mr. Wong in Chinatown:  A Chinese Princess is murdered while waiting to see Mr. Wong and Wong Searches for the killer.

The Fatal Hour:  An undercover police officer investigating smuggling is killed and Mr. Wong is on the case.

Doomed to Die: A shipping magnate is killed, and suspicion lands on his daughter’s boyfriend and Mr. Wong (Boris Karloff) is called in.

The Phantom of Chinatown: Jimmy Wong (Keye Luke) tries to unravel the mystery behind the murder of a man who led an expedition to China.

Sherlock Holmes:

Sherlock  Holmes and the Secret Weapon: Holmes and Watson have to stop a dangerous weapon from falling into the hands of Professor Moriarity—and the Nazis.

The Woman in Green: Sherlock Holmes (Basil Rathbone) and Dr. Watson (Nigel Bruce) seek to solve a series of brutal murders of young women.

Terror by Night: Sherlock Holmes (Basil Rathbone) and Dr. Watson (Nigel Bruce) guard a valuable diamond on board a train bound for Scotland. When a murder occurs on the train, everyone is under suspicion in this action packed taut thriller.

Dressed to Kill: Shelrock Holmes (Basil Rathbone) takes on a gang of criminals who will do anyting to get their hands on three identifical music boxes.

Sherlock Holmes: The Cunningham Heritage:  Sherlock Holmes (Ronald Howards) meets Dr. Watson (Marion Crawford) and they deal with their first adventure as a woman is suspected of killing her wealthy boyfriend.’

Sherlock Holmes: The Christmas Pudding: A serial killer threatens to get Holmes before he’s executed.

Sherlock Holmes: The Case of the Lady Beryl: Lady Beryl (Paulette Goddard) confesses to a crime she didn’t commit. Holmes is retained to find out why.

Sherlock Holmes: The Case of the Pennsylvania Gun: Sherlock Holmes (Ronald Howard) is called to a castle to investigate the murder of an American emigrant and for some reason, he’s bringing fishing tackle.

Sherlock Holmes: The Case of the Texas Cowgirl: Holmes helps a young woman  in a travelling western show who has found a dead body in her hotel room.

Sherlock Holmes: The Case of the Belligerent Ghost: In a strange case, Dr. Watson finds a man dead and is then assaulted by him. Holmes investigates.

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