Philo Vance: The Deathless Murder Case (EP3924)

Today’s Mystery:

Philo Vance is hired by a woman to find out if a man claiming to be an immortal 400-year-old is telling the truth.

Original Radio Broadcast Date: October 24, 1949

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Join us back here tomorrow for another old time radio detective audio drama.

  1 comment for “Philo Vance: The Deathless Murder Case (EP3924)”

  1. Fred Schiff
    November 23, 2022 at 7:44 am

    The murderer did make a dumb dumb mistake. Captain John Smith was a dirty liar. He had no relationship with Pocahantes for the simple reason that she was a pre-teen. The things that Smith wrote are well known to be completely fictional. Its known today, but may not have been well known at the time of this show, especially to the general public.

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