Day: December 19, 2023

Guest Appearance: Old Time Radio Westerns

Bundle up, get a sled, get a good team of dogs, and join me and two other podcasters as we visit with Andrew Rhynes and and listen to Challenge of the Yukon.

Yours Truly Johnny Dollar: The Nick Shurn Matter, Episodes One and Two (EP4264)

Bob Bailey

Today’s Mystery:

Johnny suspects that a mobster murdered his business partner and has to find the only witness before the mobster does.

Original Radio Broadcast Dates: December 19 and 20, 1956

Originating from Hollywood

Starring: Bob Bailey as Johnny Dollar; Virginia Gregg; Peggy Webber; Don Diamond; Ben Wright; Jack Kruschen; Barney Phillips; Sam Edwards; Ken Christy

I’m a guest on the Old Time Radio Westerns as part of our Round Robin Crossover

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Join us again tomorrow for another detective drama from the Golden Age of Radio.

1956 AFRTS Christmas Spectacular (AWR0235)

Amazing World of Radio

The AFRTS broadcasts a Christmas Specatcular which is taken from the Annual Los Angeles Examiner Christmas Benefit on December 7, 1956.

Among those appearing: Eddie Cantor; The Sons of the Pioneers; George Jessel; Pat O’Brien; Edgar Bergen (and Charlie McCarthy and Mortimer Snerd); and Tony Marvin

Original Radio Broadcast Date: December 25, 1956

Originating from the Shine Auditorium in Los Angeles

Check out Christmas episode of The Great Detectives of Old TIme Radio  and  Old Time Radio Snack Wagon

I was a guest on Classic Comedy of Old TIme Radio yesterday and on the Old Time Radio Westerns. Tomorrow, I will appear on I Love Old Time Radio

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Information on the 1925 Los Angeles Examiner Christmas Benefit.

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