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Nominate the Great Detectives of Old TIme Radio for the People’s Choice Podcast Awards

After an absence of several years, I’m once against throwing my crumpled brown fedora into the ring for the Podcast Awards.

This year, I’m registering in not one but two categories. The entertainment category and the best Male Hosted Podcast and you can support our nomination in both categories here.

In addition to our own nomination, I want to endorse a past sponsor of our podcast in the Technology Category. The Malicious Life podcast sponsored our show when they were first getting started for around eight episodes. I’ve continued to listen to them every week since. They tell great stories about cybercrime and cybersecurity and that entire landscape. I also nominated them in the People’s Choice Category as well.

So I encourage you to nominate me. You have until July 31st. It’s a great way to promote the podcast and hopefully make some connections.

Listen to an Episode

Listen to “The Great Detectives of Old Time Radio” on Spreaker.

It’s a Jungle Out There: Worldwide Monk Watch Party

There’s one obvious detective for these difficult times, with so much negative news and people having to be so careful about everything: Adrian Monk (played by Emmy Award Winner Tony Shalloub).

From 2002-2008, Monk solved mysteries over the USA Network while confronting his large number of phobias and personal demons with humor and humanity.

On Sunday, March 29 at 8:00 PM Eastern Time, Monk fans will rewatch the first episode from Season 1, Mr. Monk and the Candidate.

You can share your thoughts as you watch the episode on our Facebook event page. You can also post thoughts on Twitter using the hashtag #itsajungle

The episode is available for free if you’re subscribed to Amazon Prime. It’s also available on DVD or for purchase in the Apple Store.

Special thanks to Emily Cook whose #SavetheDay campaign to have Doctor Who fans rewatch Day of the Doctor (the 50th Anniversary special for Doctor Who) was the inspiration for this event.

Dragnet 70th Anniversary Specials

In honor of Dragnet’s 70th Anniversary, we’re offering the Joe Friday Never Said: Just the Facts, Ma’am” T-shirt.

This week you can get my book All I Needed to Know I Learned from Dragnet (Kindle/Affiliate) or if you have another e-reader, go here and use coupon code WD58U at checkout to get it for 99 cents.

Listener Support Campaign Underway

Our biennial Listener Support campaign is underway through March 10th. You can help support the show by making a one-time donation by Paypal, Zelle, or mail, or you can become one of our Patreon supporters for as little as $2 a month at our Patreon page.

Listener’s Choice Voting Now Open

The Listener’s Choice voting is now open. You can vote in our standard division poll by clicking here. After voting in that poll, you should be redirected to our short division poll , if not you can reach it by clicking here. The top twenty in the standard division and the top five in the short division will win and be played as Listener’s Choice selections. For more details on past results and how this process works, click here.