Who in the World: November 2009

Last month, we took a look at who downloaded the pilot episode. 6 out of 7 downloads originated in the U.S. and 6.3% came from Canada.

Now after a whole month, our downloads are up significantly. The first episode of the month (an episode of Box 13) has been downloaded 1,254 times with the first episode of Sherlock Holmes uploaded 3 days laters garnering another 103 downloads, for a total of 1357.  This makes Great Detectives about 1/3 as Popular as the Old Time Dragnet show, and after only 5 weeks of existence.

Our downloads have risen, and so have the percentage of downloads coming from outside the U.S.  At this point, 76.4% of our downloads are from the U.S. as opposed to 86.1%. The big surprise this month is which country has emerged as a clear #2 in downloads: Germany.

Yep, 15.3% of downloads come from Germany, more than four times the percentage of Canadians who are listening.  In addition to the U.K., France, and Australia, which are shown on the graph, we also got downloads from the Netherlands, China, South Korea, and Switzerland.

Other findings:

  • The percentage of downloads from Itunes was down significantly as Itunes downloads only accounted for 61%  of the total number of downloads in November v. 86% of October.  Zune (16.4%) and Juice (16.3%) accounted for the bulk of other downloads.
  • In terms of which show is the most popular, the answer seems to be “elementary.”  Over time, Sherlock Holmes seems to outdraw all other shows.  Every week’s shows that have been in circulation for three weeks shows Sherlock Holmes the preferred choice. Yours Truly Johnny Dollar is second. The battle for third and fourth is neck and neck between Box 13 and Pat Novak with Box 13 having the edge. Finishing 5th is let George Do It.  The differences between the shows aren’t hugely significant and may be partly explained by when people download shows. Being stuck in the middle of the Week as Let George Do It is may be a fairly significant challenge.

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