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A Look at Our Listeners

Well, we’ve been collecting Listener Surveys since the show started and even though I’ve not mentioned them for a while, they’ve accumulate at a nice pace. So who’s listening?  What type of folks are interested in Old Time Radio Detectives?  A few quick facts:

  • Men make up a solid majority of our listeners: Our listener base is 64% Male, but this is quite a bit less than the 71% male listener base over on Dragnet.
  • The Audience is well-educated: 60% of the Audience has at least a Bachelor’s degree with 29% having post-graduate degrees.
  • The Audience is a mix of ages: One would expect that most listeners would be people reliving the days they’d heard radio. While some are, the numbers suggest that there are plenty of younger listeners. 47% of the listeners were under 45 and 96% are under 65. This means we’re bringing old time radio to a new generation, as well as a few who are reliving it. This would seem to suggest that there’s a future in the past.
  • Where in the World: Blubrry tracks where our downloads are coming from. Most (90.6%) come from the U.S. However, our neighbors to the North contribute 6.2% of the downloads, followed by the U.K. at 1.8%, also showing up for downloads this month are Australia, Japan, Germany, the Netherlands, Ireland, Switzerland, and Sweden,
  • Popular Shows: The shows rank as follows: 1) Johnny Dollar, 2) Box 13, 3) Jeff Regan, 4) Let George Do it, 5) Sherlock Holmes. 

The Big List of Detective Shows

I get asked a lot about what shows we’re going to play as replacements in the line up become necessary, so I decided to make a list of the shows I would like to do, the shows I’m not going to do and those I’m not sure about. If there’s another detective show that’s not on the list, please leave it in the comments or call the show at 208-991-GR8D (4783).

The only shows that I will consider are either American made shows or shows made for American syndication that were produced before February 15, 1972.

The most up to date version of this list will be kept here.

Already Done or Doing:

Box 13

Pat Novak for Hire

Johnny Madero

Jeff Regan

Let George Do It

Sherlock Holmes

Yours Truly Johnny Dollar


Adventures of Ellery Queen

Adventures of the Abbotts

Amazing Mr. Malone/Murder and Mr. Malone

Barrie Craig

Big Guy

Boston Blackie

Broadway is My Beat

Candy Matson

Casebook of Gregory Hood

Charlie Chan

Defense Attorney

The Falcon

Father Brown

The Fat Man

Frank Race

Hercule Poirot

I Deal in Crime

Inspector Thorne

Johnny Fletcher

Martin Kane

Matthew Slade

Michael Shayne

Miss Pinkerton

Mr. and Mrs. North (Frost-Curtain Version)

Mystery is My Hobby

Nero Wolfe

Nick Carter


Pete Kelly’s Blues

Philip Marlowe


Philo Vance (NBC Version)

Richard Diamond

Rogue’s Gallery

The Saint

Tales of Fatima

Thin Man

Probably Yes:

Sam Spade


Adventures by Morse

Detectives Black and Blue

I Love a Mystery

I Love Adventure

Jonathan Brixton (aka Attorney for the Defense.)

Mr. and Mrs. North (Briton and Denning version)

Philo Vance (Ziv Transcription)

Need to hear more episodes to make up my mind:

Adventures of Christopher London

Big Town

Bulldog Drummond

Heathstone of the Death Squad

Call the Police

Cases of Mr. Ace

Casey, Crime Photographer

Cloak and Dagger

Crime Correspondent

Crime Doctor

Danger Dr. Danfield

Danger with Granger

Dangerous Assignment

Dick Tracy

Dr. Tim Detective

Front Page Farrell

It’s a Crime, Mr. Collins

Miss Sherlock

Mister Chameleon

Mr. District Attorney

Mr. Keen Tracer of Lost Persons

Mr. Moto

Official Detective

The Private Files of Rex Saunders

Results, Inc.

Rocky Jordan

Stand By for Crime

Strange Wills

That Hammer Guy

Our New #1 Show

Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar has overtaken Sherlock Holmes as the most downloaded show on our podcast. Here are the current standings:

1) Yours Truly Johnny Dollar

2) Box 13

3) Pat Novak for Hire

4) Sherlock Holmes

5) Let George Do It

Who in the World: November 2009

Last month, we took a look at who downloaded the pilot episode. 6 out of 7 downloads originated in the U.S. and 6.3% came from Canada.

Now after a whole month, our downloads are up significantly. The first episode of the month (an episode of Box 13) has been downloaded 1,254 times with the first episode of Sherlock Holmes uploaded 3 days laters garnering another 103 downloads, for a total of 1357.  This makes Great Detectives about 1/3 as Popular as the Old Time Dragnet show, and after only 5 weeks of existence.

Our downloads have risen, and so have the percentage of downloads coming from outside the U.S.  At this point, 76.4% of our downloads are from the U.S. as opposed to 86.1%. The big surprise this month is which country has emerged as a clear #2 in downloads: Germany.

Yep, 15.3% of downloads come from Germany, more than four times the percentage of Canadians who are listening.  In addition to the U.K., France, and Australia, which are shown on the graph, we also got downloads from the Netherlands, China, South Korea, and Switzerland.

Other findings:

  • The percentage of downloads from Itunes was down significantly as Itunes downloads only accounted for 61%  of the total number of downloads in November v. 86% of October.  Zune (16.4%) and Juice (16.3%) accounted for the bulk of other downloads.
  • In terms of which show is the most popular, the answer seems to be “elementary.”  Over time, Sherlock Holmes seems to outdraw all other shows.  Every week’s shows that have been in circulation for three weeks shows Sherlock Holmes the preferred choice. Yours Truly Johnny Dollar is second. The battle for third and fourth is neck and neck between Box 13 and Pat Novak with Box 13 having the edge. Finishing 5th is let George Do It.  The differences between the shows aren’t hugely significant and may be partly explained by when people download shows. Being stuck in the middle of the Week as Let George Do It is may be a fairly significant challenge.

Show Popularity Ranking

Here’s a ranking of which shows are most popular based on downloads of the first episode, one week after release:

1) Pat Novak for Hire
2) Box 13
3) Yours Truly Johnny Dollar
4) Sherlock Holmes
5) Let George Do It