Tales of the Texas Rangers: Killers Crop (EP3902)

Today’s Mystery:

Jace investigates the killing of a young narcotics addict.

Original Radio Broadcast Dates: December 30, 1951

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  1 comment for “Tales of the Texas Rangers: Killers Crop (EP3902)”

  1. SiHawk
    October 24, 2022 at 1:46 pm

    In the commentary it was mentioned couldn’t find much information on clamshell holsters, used in this episode of “Tales of the Texas Rangers.” Clamshell holsters were quite popular into the 1970’s.

    The police officers in the TV show Adam 12, have clamshell holsters, and occasionally you can see them in use on the show. Use of clamshell holsters was discontinued by the 1980’s, because they require the user (police officer) to insert their finger inside the trigger guard to depress a button to cause the holster to spring open, which could also result in accidental (aka negligent) discharge of the firearm. Current training is to not insert a finger inside the trigger guard until a target is in the sights, and you’re prepared to fire.

    Good information and a video showing clamshell holster operation:



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