Dragnet: The Sullivan Kidnapping (EP4244)

Todays Mystery:

The daughter of the vice-president of a bank is kidnapped.

Original Radio Broadcast Date: September 10, 1949

Originating from Hollywood

Starring: Jack Webb as Sergeant Joe Friday; Barton Yarborough as Sergeant Ben Romero; Raymond Burr as Ed Backstrand, Chief of Detectives; Herb Butterfield; Herb Vigran

Post-episode Question: Should AI be used to reconstruct lost episodes of old time radio from existing scripts?

Gotham Radio Players Recreation of The Big Cop (Recreation begins at 35:43)

Hot Copy Radio Theater

American Radio Theater

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  1 comment for “Dragnet: The Sullivan Kidnapping (EP4244)”

  1. Eli
    November 27, 2023 at 2:38 pm

    The Dragnet kidnapping episode was particularly heartwrenching since you broadcast it at a time when we are all so worried for the fates of the Israeli hostages abducted by Hamas terrorists. Just imagine the emotions of the Sullivans—and the barbarism of the kidnapper—multiplied a hundredfold.

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