EP0211: Box 13: The Dead Man Walks

Dan Holiday sees a man dead in a pawn shop. He reports it to Lt. Kling, only to find out the dead man reported for parole.

Original Air Date: October 20, 1948

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  1 comment for “EP0211: Box 13: The Dead Man Walks”

  1. Andrew Via
    August 17, 2010 at 4:42 pm

    In the movie Murder by Death there’s a monologue at the end complaining about mystery writers’ cheap tricks to further the plot. This story belongs there! A character is said to have reported to his parole officer after being seen dead. He reported by phone — sorry, that’s a cheap shot ! If Holiday had been told it was a phone call he’d have jumped all over it. I know to expect a certain license in these stories, this was just a lot more than they usually require. Am I the only one who noticed this ?

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