EP2460: Boston Blackie: Blackie Framed for Horse Room Thefts

Richard Kollmar

A man decides to commit a series of robberies of horse racing betting rooms and frame Boston Blackie for it.

Original Air Date: March 25, 1947

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  1 comment for “EP2460: Boston Blackie: Blackie Framed for Horse Room Thefts”

  1. Timothy L Szeliga
    March 27, 2018 at 6:48 pm

    Just got around to listening to this.

    Your comments on the plot were on the money.

    There was another problem.
    In the opening, the bookie answered the phone and some extras we’re also heard taking bets.

    The second voice was Faraday and a little later Dick Kalmer was heard in the background.

    Undercover assignment at the bookmakers? No, just principal actors doubling as extras. I was waiting for Blackie and Faraday to bust the hold up man (or at least explain their presence).

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