Day: July 6, 2022

Nominate the Great Detectives of Old TIme Radio for the People’s Choice Podcast Awards

After an absence of several years, I’m once against throwing my crumpled brown fedora into the ring for the Podcast Awards.

This year, I’m registering in not one but two categories. The entertainment category and the best Male Hosted Podcast and you can support our nomination in both categories here.

In addition to our own nomination, I want to endorse a past sponsor of our podcast in the Technology Category. The Malicious Life podcast sponsored our show when they were first getting started for around eight episodes. I’ve continued to listen to them every week since. They tell great stories about cybercrime and cybersecurity and that entire landscape. I also nominated them in the People’s Choice Category as well.

So I encourage you to nominate me. You have until July 31st. It’s a great way to promote the podcast and hopefully make some connections.

AWR0198: Yarns for Yanks: The Town Crier

Amazing World of Radio

A man who loves trying new things accidentally finds himself working for an organized crime syndicate.

Original Air Date: 1942

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EP3809: Dangerous Assignment: Millionaire: Murder Conspiracy

Steve goes to Paris to find out who’s killing off the millionaires who have created a joint venture that will help the developing world.

Original Air Date: August 6, 1949

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