Yours Truly Johnny Dollar: The Burning Carr Matter (EP4369)

Bob Bailey

Today’s Mystery:

Johnny goes to Sarasota to investigate a series of fires at lumber yards, and finds himself investigating a murder.

Original Radio Broadcast Dates: December 9, 1956

Originating from Hollywood

Starring: Bob Bailey as Johnny Dollar; Virginia Gregg; Parley Baer; Vic Perrin; Bob Bruce; Harry Bartell; Vivi Janiss; Tony Barrett; Junius Matthews

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  1 comment for “Yours Truly Johnny Dollar: The Burning Carr Matter (EP4369)”

  1. Tim Szeliga (Sell-LEAGUE-uh)
    April 19, 2024 at 9:27 pm

    Listening to your summary after The Burning Carr Matter,
    you seemed annoyed at the plot device of two sets of twins,
    the “sisters” and Johnny and the brother. Almost indignant!

    Who would use such an improbable plot twist?
    William Shakespeare, that’s who. The Comedy of Errors
    featured two sets of twins, two masters and their two servants,
    both separated at birth.

    Even more improbably,
    each twin has the same name, Antipholus of Ephesus*
    and Antipholus of Syracuse, each served by a man called Dromio.
    Confusion reigns and hilarity ensues.

    You’d think their parents would have given them distinct names when they were born.
    Seems awfully careless to send them on separate sea voyages to sink and be presumed dead.
    Haven’t seen the play myself. I suppose he worked out the plot holes somehow.

    Anyway, the play’s been performed for four hundred years,
    so in the right hands, this creaky plot device still seems to work.
    Remember, it’s not a cliche the first time you hear it.

    * An-TIFF-oh-luss of EFF-e-suss

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