EP0281: Thin Man: The Case of the Wandering Corpse

Claudia Morgan

A corpse disappears along with a necklace, Nick bought for Nora as an anniversary present, and its place is another corpse.

Original Air Date: October 10, 1943

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  1 comment for “EP0281: Thin Man: The Case of the Wandering Corpse”

  1. WesW
    November 24, 2014 at 1:36 pm

    I’ve heard this episode before, and it’s the one that made me hate radio adaptation of The Thin Man. This Nora is so whiny, weak, and pathetic that she bears no resemblance to the quick and clever Nora that Myrna Loy played in the movies. It’s more evidence to my theory that radio writers of the 40s and 50s were all men and little respect for women. A main reason that the Thin Man movie scripts were so clever was that they were written by a man and a woman working together.

    Sexism aside, it’s also a ridiculous coincidence that the florist confuses two deliveries and the other recipient just happens to be an old girlfriend of Nick’s. But speaking of coincidences, it’s odd that both episodes of The Thin Man so far have begun with florists delivering wreaths.

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