The Magnificient Montague: Montague’s Father (AWR0251)

Batman Villains of Old Time Radio

We continue our look at actors who played villains in the 1966 Batman TV series. This time, we turn to Art Carney who played the Robin Hood-inspired criminal the Archer in the Season 2 opener, “Shook a Crook Arrow” and “Walk the Straight and Narrow.”

We take a look at an episode of the 1950s NBC Sitcom The Magnificient Montague, a sitcom about an out-of-work Shakespearean actor forced to secretly take a job as the lead in a radio soap opera.

In this episode, plans for the celebration of the Magnificient Montague’s (Montey Wooley) silver jubilee in the theater are complicated by the arrival of his father, the Great Montague (Carney). Things get even worse when Montague’s Father learns of Montague working anonymously on a soap opera and threatens to expose him if he doesn’t quit.

Original Radio Braodcast: January 5, 1951

Starring: Montey Wooley as the Magnificient Montague, Art Carney as the Great Montague, Anne Seymour as Lily, Pert Skelton as Agnes,  John Gibson, John Griggs

After the podcast, I talk about the Season 2, Two-Parter “Shook a Crook Arrow” and “Walk the Straight and Narrow.” from 1966.

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