EP3041: Rocky Jordan: The Man from Damascus

George Raft

A disfigured man shows up in Damascus asking Jordan’s help to locate a dangerous fugitive he wants vengeance on.

Audition Date: March 28, 1951

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  1 comment for “EP3041: Rocky Jordan: The Man from Damascus”

  1. John Ruschmeyer
    January 22, 2020 at 5:44 pm

    I have to be honest and say that, based on this one episode, I’m not sure what to make of this version of Rocky Jordan. The choice of George Raft to play Rocky is interesting but he comes off somewhat menacing as opposed to Jack Moyles’ interpretation of Rocky. The line at the beginning about meeting Chris and having a drink to remember almost comes off as a veiled threat.

    Even stranger, however, was the choice to take Rocky’s expository monologues and give them to Chris who now acts in the role of an omniscient narrator. It’s a somewhat jarring experience. Was Raft being paid by the word or something?

    I’m curious to see if things get better over the course of the run.


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