EP2675: Rocky Jordan: The Race

Jack Moyles

A woman warns Rocky a bomb is going to explode in a pawn shop. The bomb goes off and she tells them another one will go off in half a day and she doesn’t know where it is.

Original Air Date: July 17, 1949

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  1 comment for “EP2675: Rocky Jordan: The Race”

  1. John Ruschmeyer
    December 5, 2018 at 10:31 am


    In your comments on this episode, you refer to Sgt. Greco as being the worst policeman in all of Old-Time Radio. I was wondering how you feel about Sgt. Otis from “Richard Diamond” versus Sgt. Greco.

    Otis seems like he could not police his way out of a paper bag while Greco would probably end up setting the bag on fire.

    Looking forward to your thoughts…

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