Radio’s Most Essential People Countdown: #30 and #29

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30) William Spier

William Spier was one of radio’s best and most prolific producers. His work on the legendary radio newsreel program the March of Time in the 1930s was only a beginning to what would be ahead. In the early 1940s, he became the first producer of Suspense and also produced Duffy’s Tavern. His presence was also felt on the series Columbia Workshop. In 1946, he became producer/director of The Adventures of Sam Spade, a series that he would help make a ratings hit. He went on to have great success in television, but it was on radio that he made his greatness impact.

29) Paul Frees

Paul FreesFrees was a master voice actor and radio was his greatest showcase. His pure talent as a voice actor made him much sought after. He appeared on nearly every major radio drama imaginable. Let George Do It, Columbia Workshop, Suspense, Family Theater, Box 13, The Edgar Bergen Show. The full range of his flexibility was shown in two programs, The Player and Studio X where he played all of the characters. Of course, many of his radio characterizations carried over to cartoons where he would provide the voice of Boris Badenov. In addition to all of his character work, Frees was given several programs of his own including Crime Correspondent, The Green Lama, and The Croupier.

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