Considering Patreon

Every year, we do two listener support campaigns for three weeks each.  I’ve been toying with the idea of introducing Patreon as a replacement.

Patreon allows listeners to give regular to support a podcast or Internet show in exchange for certain rewards. A couple examples of how Patreon works for other artists and podcasters can be found here and here.

Both sites combined individual rewards as well as overall promised improvements and changes to the site.

Potential individual rewards might be:

  • Early access to the raw or early access to the commentary.
  • The ability to record a bumper and have that used in rotation. (Hello, this is Dave Winslow and you’re listening to the Great Detectives of Old Time Radio.)
  • Recording an after-show ad for your business or service.
  • Getting a vote on specials or future show ideas.
  • Getting to request a single episode of any series (detective or not) be played as a special.
  • Ebooks or Audiobooks.
  • Signed Paperback Books.

Potential goal based rewards might include:

  • A larger server for the show. (we occasionally run into slowness as our audience grows and a better server could solve lag problems)
  • Improved Equipment/Software.
  • Moving ads to “After the Show.”
  • Replacement of Listener Support Campaign with Listener Support Specials.
  • Creating an additional old time radio podcast (subject to be voted on by select listeners.)
  • Licensing Copyrighted Series for a Limited Time Podcast (for example: Licensing a series of Harry Nile but with each episode available only for a limited time.)

These are just a few quick ideas. I think there’s a lot to commend the idea of doing a Patreon campaign. I’d love to hear if listeners would like the option of monthly giving to support the show and what type of “rewards” they’d feel would be appropriate.


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