Mr. Chameleon: The Picture on the Wall Murder Case (EP4338)

Karl Swenson

Today’s Mystery:

A philandering portrait painter is murdered.

Original Radio Broadcast Date: May 11, 1949

Originating from New York City

Starring: Karl Swenson as Mister Chameleon

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Join us again tomorrow for another detective drama from the Golden Age of Radio.

  1 comment for “Mr. Chameleon: The Picture on the Wall Murder Case (EP4338)”

  1. March 14, 2024 at 2:09 am

    Hi Adam. Naomi from Chester, United Kingdom, listening via Google podcasts. As previous listeners have commented, Mr Chameleon is so hokey, he gives me a headache. If only I had some genuine Bayer aspirin to ease the pain! He’s no (Bob Bailey’s) Johnny Dollar but I do look forward to each and every episode. Thank you for all your hard work, your shiws are great!

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