Mr. Moto

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Mr. Moto began as a series of novels about the Japanese Secret Agent by John P Marquand, then came a series of films starring Peter Lorre as Mr. Moto in the late 1930s. Lorre’s Moto was an international detective, a deadly martial artists, and a master of disguise.  The success of both the books and the movies occurred while the West was increasingly concerned about the growing threat of the Japanese empire.

In 1951, Mr. Moto became a radio show starring. However, this program was different. Mr. Moto rather than being Japanese was an American of Japanese decent. Moto was a secret agent, who also did some detective work.  The show’s early issues dealt with big issues. Moto fought the spread of communism and also dealt with some deeper issues than would be typical for a golden age radio program including racism and war.

Cast Notes:

James Monks (1913-94) played Mr. Moto. He was a long time stage, radio, and television actor.  In addition to his role as Mr. Moto, he also played The Avenger in a syndicated radio series.

Episode Log:

End of Log

Log courtesy of Digital Deli.

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