EP0035: Yours Truly Johnny Dollar: The Stolen Portrait

Johnny Dollar heads to London in search of a rare stolen painting.

Original Air Date: April 1, 1949

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  1 comment for “EP0035: Yours Truly Johnny Dollar: The Stolen Portrait”

  1. Jesse
    December 11, 2009 at 3:18 pm

    I love both you Dranget show and your Great Detectives Of Old Time Radio podcast. I have been listening to both since the beginning and I really enjoy them both. There is only one thing that I dislike, that is the Sherlock Holmes podcast. I am a Sherlock Holmes purist and I dislike the portrayal that all thr actor, excepting Basil Rathbone who did and excelent job. On a more upbeat note I am looking forward greatly to the app. My suggestion for the app would most definatly be to have videos. Do not like the idea of reading the books on my ipod, i you wanna read Sherlock Holmes, then get the book. Also, I have a suggestion for when one of the shows reaches the end. Three shows that I greatly enjoy, are The Shadow, Candy Matson, and Richard Diamond.

    Thanks for listening!

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