EP1117: Yours Truly Johnny Dollar: The Shady Lane Matter, Part Five, and Bella Donna Was Poison

Bob Bailey

The woman who gave the insurance tip that brought him to Shady Lane, Vermont asks to meet with Johnny with a confession.

Original Air Date: July 13, 1956

Rock gets help on the case from an unexpected source.

Original Air Date: 1958

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  1 comment for “EP1117: Yours Truly Johnny Dollar: The Shady Lane Matter, Part Five, and Bella Donna Was Poison”

  1. Jonathan L.
    April 23, 2021 at 1:12 pm

    Hi there, Mr. Graham.

    Since discovering your archive of “Yours Truly Johnny Dollar” through my recommendations on CastBox, I’ve been meaning to ask if you know why the Bob Bailey Johnny Dollar episodes seem so well preserved? The audio fidelity and clarity is so striking, while every other episode I try listening to from the other actors sound remarkably poor: like they’ve been recorded by holding an old tape recorder next to a phonograph in an empty room. As a voice actor, audio quality means a great deal to me in order to truly hear the performances. And I’m extremely thankful the quality of these Bob Bailey episodes is so good because otherwise, I might not be as blown away as I am by the quality of the writing, the sound effects, or the performances.

    Thank you so much for providing another archive for these classic detective stories. I intend to listen to the entire Bob Bailey catalog before long.

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