EP0625: Yours Truly Johnny Dollar: The Brisbane Fraud Matter

John Lund
Johnny searches for a missing ban who was bonded by an insurance company for $25,000

Original Air Date: May 26, 1953

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  1 comment for “EP0625: Yours Truly Johnny Dollar: The Brisbane Fraud Matter”

  1. March 19, 2012 at 7:06 pm

    Don’t have to be a cryptographer to figure this episode out.

    This was written in 50’s “gay” code. Man mysteriously leaves his wife and home.
    No warnings, no clues. Turns out he’s going on an extended sea cruise with a man he met in San Francisco. Quotations from the greek classics….. The love that dare not speak its name is never named or spoken of, but there are several long pauses in the dialogue. This topic had to be dealt with peripherally and obliquely, via the phone call and the wife’s tearful reaction.

    BTW, I found a quote of the quote on archive.org
    in “Crisis of the House Divided: An Interpretation of the Issues
    in the Lincoln-Douglas Debates”.

    For example, there is the following passage from Plato’s
    dialogue Gorgias, spoken by a character named Callicles, who is
    a follower of the teacher of oratory for whom the dialogue is
    named and who holds the view Lincoln appears to attribute to
    the Caesar-type:

    . . . the makers of laws are the majority, who are weak; and
    they make laws and distribute praises and censures with a
    view to themselves and to their own interests; and they terrify
    the stronger sort of men, and those who are able to get the
    better of them, in order that they may not get the better
    of them; and they say, that dishonesty is shameful and
    unjust; meaning, by the word injustice, the desire of a man
    to have more than his neighbors; for knowing their own
    inferiority, I suspect they are too glad of equality . . . whereas
    nature herself intimates that it is just for the better to have
    more than the worse, die more powerful than the weaker
    . . . Nay but these are the men [i.e., tyrants and conquerors]
    who act according to nature; yes, by Zeus, and according
    to the law of nature: not, perhaps, according to that artificial
    law, which we invent and impose upon our fellows, of whom
    we take the best and strongest from their youth upwards,
    and tame them like young lions,charming them with the
    sound of the voice, and saying to them, that with equality
    they must be content, and that the equal is honorable and
    just. But if there were a man with sufficient force, he would
    shake and break through, and escape from all this; he would
    trample under foot all our formulas and spells and charms,
    and all our laws which are against nature: the slave would
    rise in rebellion and be lord over us, and the light of natural
    justice would shine forth. 12

    I don’t think that was Lincoln quoting Plato, just the author showing off his book-larnin’.

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