EP0783: Let George Do It: The Starlight Pier

Bob Bailey
George investigates a series of suspicious accidents at an amusement park.

Original Air Date: February 25,1952


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  1 comment for “EP0783: Let George Do It: The Starlight Pier”

  1. WesW
    February 17, 2015 at 11:35 am

    At the very end of this… uh… “episode,” you talk briefly about names creeping into these shows that now, decades later, we recognize from someone else. Like characters named Jimmy Carter.

    I found this very funny, listening in Feb 2015, because the announcer listed the other actors heard in this program and the last one named was “Eric Snowden.” That’s a name that we’d recognize in 2015 but would have meant nothing in Oct 2012 when you posted this.

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