You Ought to Be On DVD: And the Rest

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We’ve covered a lot of ground in this series on TV programs and movies that should be on DVD and aren’t.  In this one, I’ll try and wrap everything up with other miscellaneous movies and TV series that haven’t gotten a deserved DVD release:

The Dr. Kildare series has perhaps been noteworthy. The Kildare series starring Lew Ayers and the continuing Gillespie series starring Lionel Barrymore that was made after MGM dropped Ayers due to his Conscientious Objector status in World War II. Also missing from an official release is the Dr. Kildare TV series starring Richard Chamberlain which ran for five season. This popular franchise featured some of the finest actors of their periods and had 30 years of popularity. So what gives with the lack official DVD releases? All that is available are two Kildare films that have lapsed into the public domain.

In addition, another medical drama that ran five seasons, Ben Casey didn’t receive a DVD release even though the series was nominated for several emmys during its run, picked up a couple, and enjoys a 7.4 rating on IMDB. 

Another medical based series (this one set against the back drop of war) was reccomended by one of my Facebook fans for a DVD release. China Beach rate from 1988-91 and enjoys a solid 7.9 rating on IMBD. The release has been held up by disputes over music rights, but hopefully there can be sufficient demand to resolve this.

Finally, one series I should have mentioned previously that occurred to me after I wrote the appropriate post was “The New Dragnet.” This is not to be confused with the Dick Wolf produced “LA Dragnet” but rather the 1989-91 syndicated Dragnet series. The program was temporarily viewable on Hulu and I saw quite a few episodes. It’s true the budgets weren’t high and the actors weren’t big name but the series did a servicable job bringing Dragnet into the late 1980s with good interaction between the two leads and well-crafted stories that seemed a good fit for Dragnet. Yes, it has a new jazzy 1980s opening and yes, it’s not the same without Jack Webb, but it is serviceable and for the Dragnet fans who have seen everything else, the series would be a great way to feed the hunger for a little more classic procedural action.

If you have any TV shows or movies that you’d like to see on DVD that aren’t, leave your comments.

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