EP1388: Dragnet: Production 11 (aka Sixteen Jewel Thefts)

Jack Webb
Friday and Romero search for a jewel thief whose committed sixteen robberies in sixteen nights.

Original Air Date: August 18, 1949

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  1 comment for “EP1388: Dragnet: Production 11 (aka Sixteen Jewel Thefts)”

  1. Chuck M.
    October 16, 2014 at 5:58 am

    You asked why Friday and Romero took Walter Tracy with them as they canvassed the area’s hotels, rooming houses, etc. instead of using a photo. In my view, based on 25 years experience as a prosecutor, taking Tracy with them offered the chance to obtain a spontaneous (and excited) remark by the landlord, manager, etc. showing that he recognized Tracy as a tenant. (Of course, having Tracy accompany Friday and Romero increases the dramatic effect.) Using a photo as you suggested would have been more efficient only if additional detectives or patrol officers were temporarily deployed to assist in the area canvass. If no additional officers were assigned to assist Friday and Romero, the task using a photo would have taken just as long as it did (although Friday and Romero would have been spared the constant griping by Tracy).

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