EP2276: Dragnet: The Big Test

Jack Webb

A young man reports that a friend was murdered by bandits in Mexico.

Original Air Date: August 28, 1952

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  1 comment for “EP2276: Dragnet: The Big Test”

  1. Jeffrey Lindenblatt
    September 12, 2017 at 12:04 pm

    You mention a few episodes back about Dragnet starting to add humor to the character of Frank Smith. I have listen to the last four episodes (2276,2270,2264,2258). All of these episodes were written by John Robinson. Previous episodes were written by John Moser. Maybe new writer new style.

    On Nightbeat Episode 2265 Big John McMaster you mention about E. Jack Newman using this script on Yours Truly Johnny Dollar. Well he used it again of television on The Untouchables episode One-Armed Bandits which aired on February 4, 1960. Here is the plot according to IMDB Mobster Augie Viale is out to start a new and lucrative business in the Chicago area: slot machines. They’re not illegal so Eliot Ness and the Untouchables can’t do a great deal about them but they know they provide the Syndicate with income that can be used to finance other illegal ventures so they take every opportunity to put Viale out of business. Ness visits Frank Odine who has just been released from prison. Odine wants nothing to do with the rackets but Viale forces him into the business by threatening to tell his daughter, who thinks her father was a hero who died in World War I, about his life. When Viale orders Odine to kill Ness, he can think of only one way out of his predicament.

    There is a wedding scene at the end just like the radio episode.

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