EP1528: Crime and Peter Chambers: Max Daly — Suicide or Murder?

Dane Clark

A woman hires Pete to prove her uncle didn’t commit suicide.

Original Air Date: September 7, 1954

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  1 comment for “EP1528: Crime and Peter Chambers: Max Daly — Suicide or Murder?”

  1. March 25, 2015 at 3:52 pm

    Hi Adam, this being the last show in the current series, this show proved to be the best one of them all. When Peter Chambers was at Clark Standish place and while Mr. Standish is asking “are you going to give it to me?” I am nodding my head and then he asks the same question again and POW he gets it. Way to go Peter. I am smiling to myself as he gets it. Perfect.

    Thanking you for bringing back The Line-up in a few weeks. I so love that show.

    Regards from Joan in Ontario, Canada

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