Candy v. Nero

In the course of planning the schedule. I have reasons for the show’s I pick, but this time, I’m letting the listeners decide between two great detectives to be our regular Tuesday Night show after Jeff Regan and Father Brown are finished with their runs in November.

The two shows you’ll get to choose between are Candy Matson and Nero Wolfe.  Below is a brief run down of the shows and the characters, as well as a link to a Sample episode, you can listen to of each show off of

Candy MatsonNero Wolfe

(Candy Matson photo courtesy of OTRR, Nero Wolfe courtesy of Digital Deli.)

Name Candy Matson Nero Wolfe
Gender Female Male
Network NBC (SF) ABC, Mutual, and NBC
Episodes Produced 93 118
Episodes in Circulation 14 27
Primary Lead Natalie Masters Sidney Greenstreet (25)
School of Detection Hard Boiled Soft Boiled
Sidekick Rembrandt Watson Archie Goodwin
Love Interest Lt. Ray Mallard, San Francisco Homicide Beer and Orchids
Packs Heat? Yes No
Hometown San Francisco New York
Sample Episode Click here Click here.

How you vote:

NO VOTING BEFORE SEPTEMBER 1st will be counted.

Vote for the show on Podcast Alley in the month of September and in the comments section, include your vote  You can do this by simply including the first name of your choice, “Nero” or “Candy” or even the initials. “CM” or “NW.” Even if you don’t normally leave a comment, just leave these initials along with your vote and it will be counted for your favorite.

Feel free to “campaign” for your show in Podcast Alley comments, or by leaving a Voice Mail at 208-991-4783. Please keep your comments brief and to the point, and they’ll be shared on the show.

The winner will be announced on a special results podcasts on October 2nd


Fan vote is 40-19.

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