Book Review: The Father Hunt

In The Father Hunt, Amy DeNovo, a twenty-four year old woman helping Lily Rowan research a book about her father, asks for Archie’s help to find out who her father was.  Archie wants to help, but as she only has $2,000, he knows that Wolfe won’t take the job. However, De Novo shows up at Wolfe’s office with $20,000 and Wolfe wants to know how she got it.

De Novo’s mother was killed in an apparent hit and run accident. Every month, since Amy was born, she received a check for $1,000. Her mother wrote that the money had come from her father.

Archie and Wolfe begin an investigation that takes them into a world of powerful, rich men in search of the father. In addition, the father may have been been responsible for the murder of Amy’s mother. Wolfe’s client from, Death of a Doxy 

This is somewhat different than other Wolfe novels. It’s much of more of a straight detective story.   In addition, the only murder in the story occurs before Wolfe comes on the scene.  The story is good and incredibly engaging, though more similar to the Wolfe novellas.

I also love the sensitivity which Stout as he writes about Amy DeNovo. Her desire is understandable and very human. Along the way, Stout reveals a lot about the character of Amy’s parents and her story is resolved quite nicely.

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