The Avenger

Listen to “The Great Detectives Present the Avenger and I.A. Moto” on Spreaker.
The Avenger was a character created in 1939 by Street and Smith publications combining characteristics of their best selling characters the Shadow and Doc Savage in Richard Henry Benson. The character’s arrival coincided with the decline of pulp fiction and his career was short-lived in print, but he’s continued to thrive in comic books to this day.

The Avenger came to radio from 1941-43. However, none of those programs survive. The Avenger series over radio that does exist is from the early Post-War era and features James Monks as Jim Brandon, a bio chemist who has discovered the ability to read minds as well as invisibility. While Benson was aided by multiple assistants, much like the Shadow, the radio Avenger is aided by a single female aide. John Dunning has called this version of the Avenger a “poor man’s Shadow,” and pretty much he’s correct.

The relationship of this radio show and the prior one or the character released by Street and Smith is not documented.

Cast Notes:

James Monks (1913-94) played the Avenger. He was a long time stage, radio, and television actor.  In addition to his role as the Avenger, he also played Mr. Moto for NBC in the 1950s.

Episode Log (right click to download):

Log information Source; Radio Goldindex