Audio Drama Review: Perry Mason and The Case of the Lucky Legs

Colonial Theatre released the third of its Perry Mason Audio dramas, “The Case of the Lucky Legs.”  Like with the first two, this is an audio drama based on the original Perry Mason novels of the 1930s, but produced in the 21st Century.

Perry Mason is retained initially to take legal action against a beauty contest promoter who cheated small town businessmen and a local young woman by promising her stardom as winner of a Lucky Legs contest and then leaving her high and dry in Hollywood. When Perry goes to have a discussion with the con man, he finds the man murdered.

Perry finds himself dodging the police until he can find the truth, questioning the witnesses, not even sure who is client is as the man who gave a retainer for $5000 to file the lawsuit keeps changing who Perry is supposed to represent.

The recording is quite a bit shorter than the previous Perry Mason stories that Colonial Theater had done and the length worked for this story. It really created a very tight and well-paced mystery. The plot is full of twists and surprises. At one point, Perry even hires another detective agency to spy on Paul Drake’s operative who are working for the man who paid him.

If there is one criticism I had for the production, it was that role of the winner of the Lucky Legs contest had a voice that didn’t fit the part. She sounded more like 14 rather than 21.  Still, that’s a minor flaw in a brilliant production. I can hardly wait for Colonial’s next installment.

Note: If you are an Audible Member, the digital download of this production is only $2.95 which is a fantastic price for this great production.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Stars

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