Audio Drama Review: King Solomon’s Mines


Before there was Indiana Jones, there was Allan Quartermain. King Solomon’s Mines by H. Rider Haggard introduced readers to that intrepid adventurer in 1885.

Hollywood has never quite gotten the story right, as the temptation to add a romantic subplot and change details is irresistable. However, the Colonial Radio Theatre’s production of the story starring Jerry Robbins was fantastic and faithful to the original story.

The plot begins when Quartermain is approached on a boat by a Captain Good and Sir Henry Curtis to engage in a search for Sir Henry’s lost brother, who was last seen years before searching for King Solomon’s mine. Quartermain agrees to go provided that a stipend is guaranteed for his son should anything happen to him and a share of the treasure in the unlikely event he survives.

To follow the trail of Sir Henry’s Brother, the trio must trek across treacherous terrain through unknown parts of Africa. A native African named Umbopa goes along for the journey, but it’s obvious he’s hiding something from the rest of the group.

Once again, Colonial Radio Theatre shows the power of radio, as you’re transported back to Victorian Africa and the extremes of weather on the journey to King Solomon’s Mine. CRT successfully captures the mystery, wonder, and excitement of this unforgetable story that features epic battles, legendary treasures, and political intrigue.   This is a fantastic production for fans of Men’s Adventure.

Rating: 5.0 out of 5.0

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