A Look Back at the First 100 Episodes of the Amazing World of Radio

With Wednesday’s episode of the Whistler, we marked our 100th Episode of the Amazing World of Radio. The series launched in June 2016 to feature our first Summer Series of Patreon-chosen programming. That first series was only six episodes, but it has been followed by three longer Summer Series, four rounds of Christmas and Thanksgiving episodes, along with other various holiday programs and spring series. It’s not an every week series. It intermittently presents a wide variety of different radio programs.

We really aim to bring a wide variety of different programs, including some well-known shows as well as some more obscure offerings. Here’s a list of every series we’ve played so far:

Lux Radio Theater (17)
Les Miserables (7)
Cavalcade of America (6)
Suspense (6)
Screen Guild Theater (5)
Bold Venture (4)
Escape (3)
The Whistler (3)
Hallmark Playhouse (3)
You Are There (2)
Bing Crosby Show (2)
NBC University Theatre of the Air (2)
Proudly We Hail (2)
Stars Over Hollywood (2)
The Les Paul Show
Jackie Gleason and Les Tremayne Show
Diamond Dramas
Meet Corliss Archer
Hour of Charm
Columbia Workshop
Abbott and Costello Show
Stroke of Fate
Shakespeare Cycle
Humphrey Bogart Presents
Father Knows Best
Grand Central Station
The Big Show
The Man Called X
Mr. President
The Quiz Kids
Elgin Holiday Special
Railroad Hour
Dr. Christian
Chicago Theatre of the Air
Coast to Coast on a Bus
MGM Theatre of the Air
NBC Star Playhouse
The Great Gildersleeve
Here’s to Veterans
Bird’s Eye Open House
New World A Coming
Shirley Temple Time
Prudential Hour of Stars
CBS Network Special
The Jack Webb Show
One Out of Seven
Three for Adventure
Are These Our Children?

Lux Radio Theater is our top series because every episode in our Great Movies Over Radio series was an episode of Lux. Plus we brought four hour-long adaptations of Humphrey Bogart adaptations to you during our Summer of Bogart which also featured four weeks of Bold Venture. For our 2018 Spring Series, we played the entire seven-part Orson Welles-led Les Miserables.

Most of the other programs with a lot of play are anthology programs which produced episodes in a variety of themes. My goal is to share a sampling of a wide spectrum of radio programs. As a whole, we’ve played fifty series.

I continue to look for new and different programs to bring you on the Amazing World of Radio. Between now and Easter, I’ll have eleven more episodes of the Amazing World of Radio for you before I sign off until our summer series. Of those eleven episodes, only two come from a series we’ve featured frequently, and only three come from a series we’ve featured at all.

There were a whole lot of amazing programs produced during the Golden Age of Radio, and here’s hoping we get a chance to share many more.

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