Day: May 12, 2024

Old Time Radio Con Games Special (EP4388s)

Today, I’m joined by Jim Grinstead of the Scams and Cons Podcast as we delve into two scam-related old time radio podcasts.

Today’s 1st Mystery:

First up, there’s no such thing as easy money.

That’s a lesson a rich young man learns as he’s forced to lure his friends into the clutches of a big-time gambler to square his own debts. Can magician-turned-detective Mike Trent help? We find out in this episode of Easy Money, “The Gallopping Ivories”

Original Radio Broadcast Date: November 14, 1954

Originating in New York

Starring: Larry Haines as Mike Trent; Ralph Bell; Peter Fernandez; Maurice Tarplin

Today’s 2nd Mystery:

Joe Friday and Ben Romero go after a gang of con-men who are victimizing the families of recently deceased people in the Big Betty.

Original Air Date: November 23, 1950

Originating in Los Angeles

Starring: Jack Webb as Joe Friday; Barton Yarborough as Ben Romero

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Join us again tomorrow for another detective drama from the Golden Age of Radio.