Day: June 14, 2023

Let George Do It: That Ain’t No Way to Run a Railroad (EP4103)

Bob Bailey

Today’s Mystery:

George is hired by a wealthy man who is suspicious because his bid to buy a broken-down railroad for a million dollars was refused.

Original Radio Broadcast Date: December 2, 1952

Originated from Hollywood

Starred: Bob Bailey as George Valentine, Virginia Gregg as Brooksie, Earle Ross

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Join us again tomorrow for another detective drama from the Golden Age of Radio.

Mr. and Mrs. Blandings: Measles (AWR0221)

Amazing World of Radio

Jim gets a rare day off from work that gets spoiled when the girls come down with measles (or maybe athlete’s foot).

Original Radio Broadcast Date:January 28, 1951

Originated from Hollywood

Starred: Cary Grant as Jim Blandings, Betsy Drake as Muriel Blandings, Gale Gordon as Bill Cole

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