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  1. timbabwe
    March 19, 2012

    Chesterton was an interesting character in his day. The closest analogue today
    is Garrison Keillor: hyper-productive, a concern with religion bordering on the obsessive, a bit of an intellectual lightweight, but grounded in unshakeable common sense, with an undeniable mastery of storytelling. He’s got dozens of quotes in Bartlett’s. He had a knack for presenting seemingly paradoxical ideas in a neat, pithy aphorism.

    Minnesota is home to the Chesterton Society, who have produced a TV series
    (The Apostle of Common Sense), academic conferences, monthly meetings and recently founded a High School, The Chesterton Academy. I went to a few meetings, but they were a bit intense for me.

    Chesterton, for all his productivity, never left behind that single great work to cement his reputation in the literary canon. The CS folks say start with Father Brown, but continue to “Orthodoxy”, his greatest work. Couldn’t finish it myself.

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