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Video Theater 217: Sherlock Holmes: The Christmas Pudding

A serial killer threatens to get Holmes before he’s executed. Episode 23 of the 1954-55 Sherlock Holmes series.

Original Air Date: April 4, 1955

Video Theater 215: Man With a Camera: Another Barrier

Mike Chronicles the test flight of a pilot whose girlfriend is scared of him dying while him in flight and thinks she’s a jinx.

Season 1, Episode 7

Original Air Date: November 28, 1958

Video Theater 195: Dick Tracy Meets Gruesome

Dick Tracy (Ralph Byrd) investigates when a gang of crooks including Gruesome (Boris Karloff) rob a bank using a gas that freezes everyone in place.

Original Release Date: September 26, 1947

Video Theater 191: Dick Tracy’s Dilemma

Dick Tracy investigates a fur theft that turned deadly.

Original Release Date: May 20, 1947

Video Theater 0146: Dragnet:The Big Little Jesus

Friday and Smith try to recover a stolen statue of the child Jesus for a church before the Christmas Mass.

Original Air Date: December 24, 1953

Season 3, Episode 17

Orson Welles Pays Tribute to Jimmy Stewart

Welles at a Dean Martin celebrity roast for Jimmy Stewart.

Silver Bells

Bob Hope singing Silver Bells was a favorite Christmas time highlight growing up. Here’s the clip that started it all from The Lemon Drop Kid.

Count Your Blessings

Jimmy Durante and Annie Lennon duet from the 1970s.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our listeners in the U.S.A.

Jimmy Durante: September Song

Sung in 1972 for a TV special when Durante was 79.

Jimmy Durante and Al Jolson on Cell Phones

Some folks are keeping the golden age of entertainment alive. Enter Al Jolson impersonator Rick Rogers and Jimmy Durante impersonator Brad Kay. In these two videos they perform a Durante and Jolson song from a radio episode of Kraft Music Hall.  They then imagine what the two great entertainers might have sung about a modern plague-cell phones.

You can skip the first 3 minutes of the first video (which is getting the stage set) and skip right into “Jimmy” and “Jolson” recreating radio magic. While no one would mistake these guys for the original, they do capture their spirits:


Kate Smith Sings God Bless America for First Time

The first performance ever from November 10, 1938. In honor of America’s Veterans on Memorial Day.

The Last Signer

Enjoy this great Independence Day episode of the Dupont Theater.

The Nero Wolfe Movie that Guaranteed There Would be No More Nero Wolfe Movies

This is the first 7 minutes of the last of two Nero Wolfe Films,The League of Frightened Men (1937) which was a sequel to, “Meet Nero Wolfe” and was posted on YouTube by a company selling an out of print DVD.

Rex Stout decided not to allow any more movies to be made based on his books, displeased with Lionel Stander’s portrayal of Archie Goodwin. The punchdrunk Archie Goodwin portrayal we see in the clip seems to justify the conclusion..

On both the level of the artist and of business, it’s understandable why Stout didn’t want to make any more films. If films like this made their way into the cultural bloodstream, it would have turned people off to the books. And these movies came very early in the Wolfe franchise.