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EP1626: Nick Carter: The Case of the Henpecked Husband

Lon Clark

A meek professor wins $90,000 at a casino and is murdered.

Original Air Date: April 11, 1948

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EP1625: Philip Marlowe: The Big Step

Gerald Mohr

A waitress asks Marlowe to look into what’s bothering a friend. She’s disappeared along with a gun.

Original Air Date: February 28, 1950

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EP1624: Ellery Queen: The Foul Tip

A cowboy movie star is murdered at a ballpark.

Original Air Date: July 15, 1944

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EP1623: The Saint: The Ghost Who Came to Dinner

Vincent Price
In a country house, Simon encounters a cabbie who claimed to see ghosts dressed like people who lived 200 years ago.

Original Air Date: April 8, 1951

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EP1622: Dragnet: The Big Grab

Jack Webb
Joe Friday and Ben Romero search for a kidnapped woman.

Original Air Time: June 15, 1950

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EP1621: Yours Truly Johnny Dollar: The Killer’s List Matter

Bob Bailey
Johnny investigates the death of a wealthy insurance man with a young wife who’s indifferent to his death.

Original Air Date: March 30, 1958

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EP1619: Philip Marlowe: Ladies Night

Gerald Mohr
Phil is hired to find to find a writer for a magazine publisher in this episode featuring an all-female guest cast.

Original Air Date: February 21, 1950

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