Tag: murdered spouse

EP1659: The Saint: The Girl in the Lower Berth

Tom Conway

The Saint agrees to meet a woman’s husband on the train and ends up investigating the husband’s murder.

Original Air Date: June 3, 1951

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EP1607: Philip Marlowe: The Long Arm

Gerald Mohr

Marlowe goes to Bay City to help a man whose wife has been murdered with him being the prime suspect.

Original Air Date: February 7, 1950

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EP1604: Dragnet: The Big Smart Guy

Jack Webb
A woman is murdered in her apartment and Joe Friday and Ben Romero suspect her husband was involved.

Original Air Date: June 8, 1950

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EP1551: The Saint: Ladies Never Lie…Much

Vincent Price

A woman confesses to murdering her husband and then he’s murdered on Simon’s doorstep.

Original Air Date: January 7, 1951

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