Category: Video Theater

Video Theater 224: Decoy: Stranglehold (Encore)

Casey Jones (Beverly Garland) is called in to befriend a young woman when police suspect that her boyfriend is behind a strangulation.

Originally Aired: 1957 (Episode 1)

Video Theater 223: So Was Goliath (Encore)

Blackie tries to help out a boxer/law student who wants out of the fight game, but is held in place by a contract and a crooked fight boss.

Season 2, Episode 11

Original Air Date: December 26, 1952

Video Theater 222: Dragnet: The Big Test (Encore)

At their end of their shift, Friday and Smith meet a young man who came in to report the murder of his best friend while the two were in Mexico.

Original Air Date: April 9, 1953 (Season 2, Episode 22)

Video Theater 221: The Cases of Eddie Drake: Shoot the Works (Encore)

Eddie is hired by a wealthy woman to recover a watch that could reveal an indiscretion. Along the way, Eddie runs into murder.

Original Air Date: April 10, 1952

Video Theater 220: Sheriff of Cochise: Triangle

A beloved local doctor’s death is initially thought to be a heart attack, but it quickly becomes apparent that someone murdered him.

Season 1, Episode 22

Original Air Date: February 22, 1957

Video Theater 219: Man with a Camera: Blind Spot

An old friend of Mike’s dies why telling him about a racket he’s about his reveal. Mike travels to Lisbon to find who killed his friend.

Original Air Date: December 5, 1958
Season 1, Episode 8

Video Theater 218: Dragnet: The Big Little Jesus

Friday and Smith try to recover a stolen statue of the child Jesus for a church before the Christmas Mass.

Original Air Date: December 24, 1953

Season 3, Episode 17