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    April 1, 2012

    I just watched “Double Shock” with Martin Landau, playing a set of twins, one of whom murders their uncle for his money. It’s from 1972. The episode was very well done and notable for a few things. First, you do not know who the murderer is until the end because, even though you see it committed, it’s not clear which twin it is, and they are enemies and each is working hard to convince Columbo that the other is the guilty party. Secondly, there is a housekeeper who is absolutely hilarious in her over-the-top contempt for the messiness of the good detective. She’s a peach, most memorable. Finally, the episode has Julie Newmar at very close to her sexiest, doing very suggestive yoga positions on her balcony as Columbo comes in to question her. She nonchalantly continues to “exercise” as Columbo hurls compliment after compliment to her on how in shape and flexible she is. It’s awesome.

    The ending is very interesting as it’s one of the few to be a true whodunnit due to the twins angle. And Martin Landau is fun to watch in my book.

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