The People You’ll Meet When Climbing a Building

Someone has put together a mash-up of some high profile cameos that Batman and Robin ran into during the 1960s Batman series.

Old Time Radio fans will recognize the names of some of these stars: Howard Duff (Sam Spade on the radio, but making the cameo in his role as Detective Sergeant Sam Stone of Felony Squad), Jerry Lewis from Martin and Lewis, Art Linkletter from People are Funny and House Party, Edward G. Robinson from Big Town and many other productions. It’s some light Saturday fun that reminds me of the unique place that the 1966 Batman show has in my heart.  While, it’s certainly not the best Batman TV show ever, it has the rare quality that makes a TV show in demand more than 40 years after going off the air.

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  1. Dan
    June 6, 2010 at 11:41 am

    THat was great. Now I will have to watch the shows to see who else shows up/

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